Cocktails at Death and Co in New York

Spots like Death and Co remind me why I am madly in love with New York. Atmosphere is everything! It’s dark, tiny, chic, exclusive, sexy, edgy, and made for small groups. Love it.


My delicious poison of choice was The Sundance Kid, a Mezcal based cocktail that was equally tasty and pretty to look at. I also nibbled on the Truffle Mac and Cheese which came in these deliciously bite sized portions.


Check this place out when you’re in NY/The Lower East Side, I loved it!

Cocktails and a view at Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens

cocktails hotel grande bretagne athens greece

cocktails hotel grande bretagne athens greece                     salad cocktails hotel grande bretagne athens greece

One would drive themselves mad attempting to pick a favorite view in Greece because everything is stunning. But, if I had to, the view and experience of watching the sunset over Athens with a cocktail at Hotel Grande Bretagne would easily be in my favorites. We sat outside and caught the view on the GB Roof Garden Restaurant and calling it spectacular would be an understatement. It’s so romantic and serene, especially when the Acropolis lights up. I loved it! The food and drinks are also delicious, the menu is fairly international with a touch of Greek influences. Definitely made for a perfect evening!